Name: Sam Cassell

Nickname: ‘Sam I Am’

‘Strayan Nickame:
‘ET’ / ‘Big Nuts’ / ‘Knackers’

Teams played for:
Houston Rockets (’93-’96)
Phoenix Suns (’96)
Dallas Mavericks (’96-‘97)
New Jersey #Nets (’97-‘99)
Milwaukee Bucks (’99-‘03)
Minnesota Timberwolves (’03-’05)
L.A. Clippers (’05-08)
Boston Celtics (’08)

Career Stats (per game):
15.7 pts // 6.0 asts // 3.2 rebs // 1.1 stls // 45.4 FG% // 33.1 3P%


Best known for:
– Big Balls dance
– Costing the Timberwolves a title after injuring his hip doing the Big Balls dance
– Wining titles in his first two and last seasons
– Being traded for Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, Shawn Bradley, Stephon Marbury, AND Joe Smith
– Looking like an alien

Dead-Set Ledge Status:
Assured! He was one of the weirdest lookin’ blokes you could imagine, but he’s a dead-set ledge because the Big Balls dance is literally outlawed in the NBA because Sam Cassell made it so bloody cool


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