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Strewth! It was 20 years ago today that a rookie Chris Anstey — aka the Original Unicorn, aka Aussie Porzingis — came off the bench for the Dallas Mavericks and went up against Allen Iverson’s Philadelphia 76ers… and set a CAREER HIGH that he’d never better again!

Boasting a haircut you could set your watch to and an offensive game smoother than Anthony Callea’s chest, in only 13 minutes the big fella whaled on Derrick Coleman for five points, was all over Theo Ratliff for five boards, and snuck an assist through the Philly defense so deftly that he was quietly considered to replace Pierce Brosnan for the role of James Bond in ‘The World Is Not Enough’.

But Big Chrisso’s career high came when he proved he was ‘Straya’s best robber since Ned Kelly and more of a defensive menace than Matty Scarlett, tallying a mind-boggling FOUR bloody steals! That’s more takeaways than the Corio fish‘n’chip shop!

So, in only 13 minutes, the rookie big fella had the EIGHTH BEST GAME of his debut NBA season! Still, I reckon if bloody Don Nelson had played Big Chrisso his deserved 36 minutes, Big Fella probably would’ve had about a 20-20-20 and the Mavs would’ve smashed ‘em. Bloody Anti-Strayan bias.

Ah well. That’s still a bloody ripper of a career high though!

#ONYA Big Chrisso!

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