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It was 7 years ago today that full blown Aussie ledge David Andersen – aka Stretched-Out Delly – pulled on the ol’ white and teal for the #NewOrleansHornets and smashed the Phoenix Suns like the Danish Viking Kings he’s descended from, having one of his best games for The Crescent City.

In his 6th best game for the Hornets, the Aussie Great Dane put on a show only rivalled by the doughies my mate Stew had his lowered XF Falcon ute doing at the Deni Ute Muster back in ‘06.

Playing only 17 mins (as coach Monty Williams clearly didn’t realise he had ‘Australian Chris Bosh But Better’ on his bench), Big Ando went to work, masterfully scoring 6 pts from all across the floor, while also tearing down 6 rebounds like his mighty Nordic forebear Thor tossing about thunder and lightning.

(Not coincidentally that’s what Stretched-Out Delly calls his fists, as he spent his playing career giving opposing teams the ol’ left-right goodnight on his way to 11 rings in the Euro, Spanish, French, Italian and Ruski leagues.)

Sure, Big Ando also had two turnovers and a foul, but that didn’t stop him from posting the team’s second-highest +/- with +14, and anyway stats are for nerds.

The problem was Ando was more criminally underrated than Grinspoonand Damian Walshe Howling, with three NBA franchises in two years not seeing the first ever sweet-shooting/defensive-menace Unicorn under their noses.

Ah well… the real winner here is ‘Straya, as he Aussie Great Dane is now back and smashing with Melbourne United, no doubt on his way to another ring. GOAT!

#ONYA Stretched-Out Delly!

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