WHOA! What a day! How was the trade deadline for you? It was Wojbawmb after Wojbawmb ay! 

And when the smoke cleared Anthony Davis was STILL a Pelican, and the balance of power was probably roughly still the same? 

Anyway – we break down EVERY TRADE and award our TRADE DEADLINE WINNERS & LOSERS! 

We also got LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo picking their ALL STAR teams… and BEN SIMMONS GOT TRADED! WILD! 

Kevin Durant also had a big bitch & moan session.. which was, uh, weird

 … also, there were, like, some real life ACTUAL NBA games and RONDO hit a game winner! 

So we break all that down and wrap up the NBA week for you with YEAH-NAH, Outback Takehouse & heaps more 

We pick and preview EVERY NBA game on the weekend as well, and close out with a new DIARY OF STEVEN ADAMS! nice! 

What a wild week… Get around it! 

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