Name: Glen Davis

Nickname: ‘Big Baby’

‘Strayan Nickame: ‘Big Baby’ / ‘Big Bloody Ankle-Biter’ / ‘Bunyip’

Boston Celtics (’07-‘11)
Orlando Magic (’11-‘14)
L.A. Clippers (’14-‘15)

Career Stats (per game):
8.0 pts // 4.4 rebs // 0.9 asts // 44.7 FG% // 18.2 3P%

Best known for:
– Looking like a giant baby
– Being made to cry by KG
– Being ridden by Nate Robinson, giving us a great Shrek & Donkey meme and drooling in Game 4 of the 2010 Finals

– Getting knocked out by a Dwight dunk in the East finals
– Being the easiest fat bloke to knock over in NBA history: a Big Baby flop was a thing of beauty
– Eating chicken next to an open briefcase full of cash on a private plane… while proclaiming his innocence after being arrested allegedly with 126 grams of weed and $96k in cash

Dead-Set Ledge Status:
Assured! Not only is Big Baby is an all-time GREAT nickname because he dead-set looks like a giant baby… dude literally cried on the bench after KG yelled at him. Anyway – he also had some great moments on the Celtics, and his game 4 of the 2010 Finals (the Shrek & Donkey game) was one for the ages.

#ONYA Big Baby!

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