Name: Vlade Divac

Nickname: ‘Floppy Divac’

‘Strayan Nickame: ‘Floppa’ / ‘Sir Flops A Lot’ / ‘Flop King’ / ‘Durry Punchin’ Divac’ / ‘The Serbian Mark Bradtke’

Teams played for:
Los Angeles Lakers (’89-’96)
Charlotte Hornets (’96-’98)
Sacramento Kings (’98-’05)
#Lakers (’04-’05)

Career Stats (per game):
11.8 pts // 8.2 rebs // 3.1 asts// 1.1 stls // 1.4 blks // 49.5 FG% // 23.5 3P%

Best known for:
– 1st all-time NBA ‘hairiest and sweatiest bloke’
– Being on those incredible Yugoslavian teams from ’88-’91
– Causing a political shitstorm at the 1990 FIBA World Championship
– Being traded for Kobe
– Being beaten by Kobe
– Pioneering a new type of defense on Shaq that consisted primarily of ‘falling over’
– Amazing cameo in ‘Space Jam’
– Being part of the incredible Once brothers docco that detailed his and Drazen Petrovic’s relationship that was torn apart by politics
– Punching more durries than a Deni tradie on smoko
– Making bad trades

Dead-Set Ledge Status:
Assured! Not only was Vlade on Magic’s last-gasp Lakers and is one of only seven players to have EVER record 13k points, 9k rebounds, 3k assists &1.5k blocks… those early-‘00s Kings were a legit dead-set ICONIC team, and Vlade’s presence and passing was the engine the drove that deliciously bonkers machine. Despite the flopping, Vlade also paved the way for European players in the NBA to look like they just stumbled out of a Belarusian hookah bar at 5am and have unrepentantly sketchy body hair.

#ONYA Vlade!

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