Name: Gerald Wilkins

Nickname: ‘The Jordan Stopper’

‘Strayan Nickame:
‘Wooza’ / ‘Gezza’ / ‘Dougie’ / ‘Lil Nique’

Teams played for:
New York Knicks (’85-’92)
Cleveland Cavaliers (’92-’94)
Vancouver #Grizzlies (’95-’96)
Orlando Magic (’96-‘99)

Career Stats (per game):
13.0 pts // 2.9 rebs // 3.0 asts// 1.0 stls // 45.0 FG% // 31.6 3P%

Best known for:
– Being Dominique’s little, worse brother
– Dunking over a chair in the ’86 dunk comp

– Played against his brother 42 times… and outscored him only 3 times (got a front row seat to the time Nique hung 52 on the Knicks too)
– Weirdly just like his brother – tore an Achilles
– Strangely enough: he and Dominique played together… on the ’99 Magic? No shit.
– Having the nickname ‘the Jordan Stopper’
– Not stopping Jordan
– Having Michael Jordan drop 43 pts on him (in game 1 of the ’93 East semis) and say on national TV ‘he can’t guard me’

Dead-Set Ledge Status:
Assured! Every legendary NBA player should have a brother also in the NBA to give us a sort of divining rod as to how good they are. Like, Gerald Wilkins was an ok NBA player… but put him next to ‘Nique and you’re like ‘ohhhhh shit, I get it… Nique’s incredible!’ We can appreciate their brother’s greatness all the more when you can easily visualise them as average players: it’s the Gerald Wilkins/Harvey Grant/Seth Curry corollary. THAT is a dead-set legendary role. So thank you, Gezza!

#ONYA Gezza!

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