NBA Straya!! Today’s show covers the Warriors taking the best the Rockets could give them and STILL winning by 13! We break down what went right for the Warriors (hint: everything), where the Rockets sucked (hint: everybody not named James Harden or Chris Paul) and what the Rockets can do to get back in the series!

PLUS! We have a MASSIVE NBA DRAFT LOTTERY preview with our top 5 preferences for getting No. 1 pick… as well as a preview of Cavs-Celtics Game 2!


  • Will Draymond Green and Chris Paul punch on?
  • Are the Rockets toast?
  • Should LeBron be concerned?
  • Playoff YEAH/NAH
  • #BetterThanLonzoBall
  • ‘Bitch Ass’ Of The Night
  • the Shane Heal Random Bloke Going HAM award
  • the Ben Simmons Instagram Watch
  • The Joe Ingles Inspiration Board

…. and loads more!


We also talk up Aron Baynes for tonight’s game, and close out with a new ‘JOE INGLES: HR AMANGER’ as he takes a coaching question!


ORRIGHT! It’s fun, dumb and it’s all in a day’s work for NBA Straya, your favourite DAILY NBA podcast!




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