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Three years back as a rookie, this joker announced himself to the world as not just a ledge from Radelaide who’d do your taxes at mate’s rates, but as an NBA force to be reckoned with! That’s right, Joseph H. Ingles — aka Jingling Joe Ingles, aka Slow Mo Joe, aka Dr Joseph J Ingles: Triplologist — capped his rookie year with the Utah Jazz with his SECOND BEST GAME FOR THE YEAR in a big win over the Sacramento Kings, the NBA’s Gold Coast Suns.

Now, the Pride of Happy Valley’s final line might not dazzle you, but for a bloke who moves about as quick as the River Torrens and looks like a substitute Maths teacher who has somehow been roped into appearing on the 7.30 report to talk about cyber-bullying, a 10/3/6/2 is pretty bloody impressive.

Down Under Durant scored his 10 points in a more efficient fashion than my mate Josh cleaning up the Grace Emily pool table after seven Coopers, shooting 4-of-7 from the field and 2-for-4 from downtown.

Jingler also channelled fellow Adelaide-legend, the Human Combover Phil ‘Phil’ Smyth, and — even though Kangaroo Kobe himself Dante Exum was running point — dished off 6 assists with so much panache that each of them got invited to that year’s Logies and won ‘Best Dressed’ on the red carpet after being feted by Jules Lund and Sonia Kruger.

In addition, Slow Mo Joe grabbed his 3 rebounds with more straightforward brashness and guile than a Rundle Mall junkie nicking a strawberry Big M from the 1-Stop Convenience store, and had two steals that were so devious he also dacked poor Jason Thompson.

Anyway! This was a prototypical Jingler performance, out there proving a contributor in all facets of the game while having a laugh. Not bad for a bloke who’d been cut by that overrated flog Doc Rivers before the season even started… and now Jingler’s the NBA’s best 3-point shooter by volume and the starting small forward on the West’s 4-seed!

Not bloody bad mate!

#ONYA Jingling Joe Ingles!


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