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How’s this!? Turns out Andrew Bogut — the Croatian Wilt Chamberlain — likes this day more than Big Fev obviously likes a couple of sneaky tins and a few pies down the footy! That’s right: big Andy Bogut set a CAREER HIGH 11 years ago back in 2007 with the Milwaukee Bucks… then backed it up a year later in with one of the best all-round games of his sterling NBA career! That’s more sick than the sound of my mate Tall Kane’s VL Walkinshaw SS Commodore laying a patchy on the Goldie!

Yep, 11 years ago the man, the myth, the mountainous Croat himself had a CAREER high night in only his second NBA season! Going against Chris Bosh and the #Raptors, with both Michael Redd and Charlie Ward (!!) more scorching hot than a microwaved chiko roll, Bogut kept the scoring to a minimum (6 points on 3/5 shooting) and stuck to what he’s good at: snaring 8 crucial rebounds while throwing elbows with more delighted glee than an aspiring French instagram model beelining for Odell Beckham Jr’s (mates’) stash.

But that wasn’t the highlight. Not even bloody close! The Crafty Croat set his NBA career high mark by tossing around 8 assists that were about as poetic as the opening verse of ‘Khe Sanh’! Reckon he would’ve ended up with a triple double as well, but the mongrel refs FOULED THE BIG FELLA OUT, proving they were full of more rubbish calls than that flog Brian Taylor.

Thing is, the Pride of Endeavour Hills went and had an even BETTER all-round game the very next year, putting up a stat line longer than the bloody Pakenham Line in a loss to the gun-slingin’ Gilbert Arenas-era Washington Wizards.

In 40 minutes, Big Bogut tossed the Wizards around like they were the Narre Warren mixed Under-8s netball team, racking up 23 points — shooting 11-of-22 in the process, and adding a free throw for the same reason you go to the Beaumaris tailors for your Year 12 formal suit: good measure.

Not only that, but big Bogut loomed over Antawn Jamison like the sense of doom that hangs over Mary ‘Tubby’ Taylor every time he tries to pronounce ‘Fujitsu’, tearing 12 rebounds from the sky like mighty Zeus himself, while also adding 2 assists, 1 steal and swatting 3 blocks so brutally that they later found Swaggy P wandering around Capital One Arena shaking uncontrollably and saying ‘I need an adult’.

Anyway. A career-high 8 assists that, but for the bloody refs, could’ve been more AND a huge 23/12/2/1/3 game!? Bogut smashed ‘em like Odell and that French bird! Just goes to show that, even while looking like the tallest Commodore enthusiast in the Nunawading fish’n’chip carpark, Big Bogey was an absolute beast (before that mongrel Amar’e Stoudemireundercut him in 2010)… and after leading Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors to a title back in 2015, here’s hoping someone taps the big fella for one more ride to another ring!

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