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Bang on a full year ago today, dead-set Aussie ledge Thon ‘ThonSong’ Maker found himself in a hail of Aussie ledges! Starting for his Milwaukee Bucks for only the 6th time in his young NBA career… Thon took a page out of the book of Outback Jesus himself Matthew Dellavedova and tried to light up Bangers Aron Baynes & the Detroit Pistons like he was Sisqo making it rain in a South Beach club in 2004!

Unfortunately, Thon Maker had a game like he was SisQó in a South Beach club in 2018, leaving everyone in attendance going ‘Um, who is that guy and what’s he doing?’

Going out there like his breakfast that day had consisted of 20 weetbix and more goey than a Parramatta plumber headed to the pub on a Friday night, in only his 29th ever NBA game, ThonSong put up shots with less shame than Jason Akermanis trying to get in front of a microphone.

Showing more flair than Matt Preston’s cravat collection, Thon started next to Giannis Antetokounmpo and did hard yakka on the boards, snaring 5 rebounds in only 16 minutes.

But, showing more strain than Matt Preston’s pant seams, Thon wilted under the pressure everywhere else, and had an absolute Barry Crocker. He missed all four of his three-point attempts, finished 3-of-10 from the field for a total of 6 points. Man, that’s some dumps like a truck, truck truck huh?

Not only that, ThonSong had his hands suddenly turn into Herschelle Gibbs’ in the ’99 World Cup, and bloody-well turned the ball over three times as well! He must’ve been shaking that thing like who’s the ish!

Oh well: even though this ended up being Thon’s SECOND WORST game as a rookie, he went on a bloody tear and started every game for the rest of the season! In fact, after this game, ThonSong was out there Making us go all like ‘let us seeee that…. Thonnnnnnn… Thon ThonThon Thon Thon.

#ONYA ThonSong!

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