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Four years ago today, Australia’s bala supreme, Patty ‘Thrills’ Mills was in his third year with the San Antonio Spurs and well on his way to leading them to their fifth NBA title. But on a cold February night in North Carolina, Patty Cakes tugged on the ol’ black and silver togs and did more work than a Ballarat butcher before the Begonia festival, going off for the SECOND HIGHEST SCORING GAME of his entire NBA career!

With the #Bobcats threatening to beat the Spurs, Patty Cakes took over like the bloody second-coming of Shane ‘The Hammer’ Heal, delivering more emotional highs and scintillating drama than an episode of ‘Thorpie’s Angels’!

In only 25 minutes, the Torres Strait Thriller was frothing more than the old man watching Brocky fang round Bathurst back in the day, putting up an unbelievable THIRTY-FOUR points. 34! To put that in context: that’s over FIVE TIMES BETTER than Andrew Gaze’s NBA career high!!

Turns out Patty Cakes was as hot as Dean Jones in Madras back in ’86, shredding the helpless Bobcats to the tune of 10-of-13 shooting, including 4-of-5 from 3-point land and 8 of 9 from the charity stripe.

And, as if to prove this was a showing only topped by Bradman averaging 99.94 and Makybe Diva’s three-peat, Patty added a cheeky 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals! That’s more grouse than listening to Grinspoon and sinking a couple of green demon tins in your best mate’s Balnarring backyard!

Of course, it was all just a stop on the way to Patty leading the Spurs to roll over LeBron James’ Miami Heat in that year’s NBA finals and win himself an NBA #championship. But that just proved what we all knew already, that Official: Patty Mills is an absolute deadest bloody Aussie ledge.

#ONYA Patty Cakes!

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