NBA Straya!! NOOOO! NOT PORZINGIS! Dammit. Today’s show breaks down the Kristaps Porzingis injury for the New York Knicks, as well as what the hell is going on in Cleveland, taking the Raptors seriously, why the NBA Trade Deadline SUCKS this year, and — considering we went to see them play in Brooklyn last night — just how good it is to see the Houston Rockets in person.


We also cover what the Knicks should do now, why trading Willy Hernangomez is DUMB, and which Lakers rookie was #BetterThanLonzoBall last night. Plus we wrap ALL the NBA games from last night and check on ALL the Australian NBA players…. And throw in a Mark bradtke Sweaty White Guy of the Week Hall Of Famer!


We preview all of tonight’s NBA games and close out with a new ‘Andrew Bogut Slams a Bunch of Twitter Snowflakes from Twitter’… it’s as insane as usual.


It’s fun, dumb and it’s all in a day’s work for NBA Straya, your favourite DAILY NBA podcast!

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