NBA Straya!! We got trades, trade requests and thrown chairs galore… And, unfortunately, a Delly injury. Dammit. In today’s episode we talk the Lakers ‘recalibrating’ their free agent desires to 2019, the Brooklyn-Milwaukee trade, Delly’s ankle injury, Dirk hitting 50k NBA minutes and loads more, including wrapping ALL the NBA games from last night. There were some corkers too! Including the Blake Griffin-era Pistons moving to 4-0!


We also figure out if Utah can make the playoffs, whether the Knicks should trade Big Willy Hernangomez, play Yeah/Nah, #BetterThanLonzoBall, and check on ALL the Australian NBA players…. And throw in a Shane Heal Random Guy Going Off Memorial All-Star!


Plus, we preview all of tonight’s NBA games, including the insane Boston-Toronto and OKC-Warriors games… and finish off with a new ‘JOE INGLES: HR MANAGER’, and he’s taking questions from Cleveland! Nice.


It’s fun, dumb and it’s all in a day’s work for NBA Straya, your favourite DAILY NBA podcast!