NBA Straya!! HUNGOVER POST-SUPER BOWL EDITION! Man… rough one, but still! Even with being dusty as hell after the Super Bowl, we’re here crushing loads of NBA guff, like should the Cavs fire Ty Lue, would DeAndre Jordan make Portland a contender, Al Horford’s immense buzzer-beater and HOW GOOD IS JOEL EMBIID RUNNING AMOK ON THE STREETS OF PHILLY!!! So good.


We also wrap EVERY SINGLE NBA game from the weekend, talk about BEN SIMMONS crushing the Heat, how Nikola Mirotic looks in New Orleans, whether or not the Pistons & Clippers can make the playoffs AND deliver a Dickhead of the Weekend.


PLUS: Yeah/Nah, #BetterThanLonzoBall, checking on ALL the Australian NBA players, and previewing tonight’s NBA games!


There’s also a couple of Super Bowl thoughts in there, and we get a very special guest to review the big game for us: DELLY! That’s right, we’ve got ‘Delly Reviews: The Super Bowl’! Nice.


It’s fun, dumb and it’s all in a day’s work for NBA Straya, your favourite DAILY NBA podcast!

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