#NBA #Straya Never Forget!

On this day 12 months ago, ‘Strayan-South Sudanese absolute ledge Thon ‘ThonSong’ Maker made it rain for his Milwaukee Bucks like SisQó in the club in 2002, playing a PERFECT GAME and leaving the Denver Nuggets more cooked than Dr Karl on the pingas!

Playing only the 25th game of his young career, Thon was out there a-Makering a nuisance of himself, showing off the nascent skills that made the gangly phenom the 10th pick in that year’s #NBA draft, and also answered the question ‘what would happen if you crossed a cassowary with Kevin Garnett?’

How’s this for shredding more than Craig Lowndes at Bathurst: ThonSong hit every shot he took and scored six points… in only bloody FOUR MINUTES (and 22 seconds) of court time!

And look, I’m no maths scientist, but 6 points in 4 minutes means if Thon played 36 minutes, he bloody well would’ve scored 54!

Not only that, but in those four minutes, ThonSong added a steal that left Kenneth Faried looking for his lunch money, and a block that, rumour has it, gave Juan Hernangomez mono.

It’s almost like Jason Kidd and his anti-Strayan bias was preventing Thon from having games like this on the regs. No wonder that flog got the boot.

BUT, how’s this for even more anti-Strayan bias: ThonSong got pinged for THREE fouls in only four minutes by those mongrel refs. That’s an outrage: friggen LeBron James wouldn’t pick up three fouls in four minutes if he was bloody well out there laying about him with a chair like he was the bloody Undertaker!!

Oh well. To show just how rapidly our boy ThonSong was developing, this 6-point explosion was the 15th BEST game of his rookie year!

It’s enough to get you all like ‘let me see thaaaaaat Thoonnnnn…. Thon, Thon-Thon-Thon-Thon’

#ONYA Thon!

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