NBA ‘Straya!! BLAKE GRIFFIN GOT TRADED!? Yep, a MASSIVE episode today as we break down the LA Clippers trading Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons, figuring out who won the trade and made off like a bandit, what the plans are now for the Clippers, as well as what it means for Blake’s stand-up career, and his now-murky future with Kendall Jenner. ALL THE BIG QUESTIONS, ANSWERED!

There was also NBA basketball last night! So break down all the fun games from last night, including a Sixers-Bucks game that had three Aussies — Big Ben Simmons, Delly & Thon — going at it, an EPIC 1-point Celtics-Nuggets game with a head-scratching finish, the Wolves crapping the bed against the Hawks and loads more.

It’s also Tuesday so we have the Shane ‘the Hammer’ Heal ‘Random Guy Going Bonkers’ Hall of Fame, and all the usual dumb stuff: a Blake Griffin-specific Yeah/Nah, Jayson Tatum winning another #BetterThanLonzoBall AND we check up on every Australian NBA player… as well as G-League sensation Mangok Mathiang!

We even finish up with a new ‘Joe Ingles: HR Manager’, where the Jinglin’ One offers up some tips for ‘Blake from Detroit’s new workplace environment.

It’s fun, it’s dumb and it’s all in a day’s work for NBA Straya, your daily NBA podcast stop! Onyas!


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