NBA ‘STRAYA! How MUCH FUN was the NBA last night!? We whip around ALL the fun NBA stuff from last night, including the Kristaps Porzingis dominating the Knicks-Lakers showdown, Lonzo Ball trolling Nas, LaVar Ball being best buds with Spike Lee, Jimmy Butler missing a game-winner in the epic Sixers-Wolves game, LeBron James passing like Magic Johnson against the Hawks, and even the Nets and Mavs getting in on the W-good times.

We also figure out if Carmelo Anthony should come off the bench, whether the Cavs should trade their Brooklyn pick and revel in the genius of Joel Embiid.

There’s also our weekly addition to the ‘Mark Bradtke Sweaty White Guy Hall Of Fame’, we play who’s #BetterThanLonzoBall, ask Yeah/Nah, and OF COURSE, we check up on what EVERY Australian player had been up to… and welcome back ‘Andrew Bogut’ for ‘Andrew Bogut Slams a Bunch of Twitter Snowflakes From Twitter’.

PLUS: we preview EVERY SINGLE NBA GAME tonight, including the Thunder and Paul George returning to Indiana to take on the Pacers and Victor Oladipo! Can’t wait for that.

All in a day’s work for NBA ‘STRAYA, your daily NBA podcast dose of ridiculousness.